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Monrovia City Manager Heading to Huntington Beach

Monrovia City Manager Oliver Chi Will apparently be moving on to be city manager of Huntington Beach. According to the Daily Pilot, Chi’s hiring will be official with a vote by the Huntington Beach City Council on Monday.

In a statement Friday Chi said, “I am humbled, excited and grateful for the opportunity to join a city as dynamic and iconic as Huntington Beach. Surf City is simply premier in every way, and I am looking forward to partnering with the mayor, City Council and staff as we work together to help build community and enhance the local quality of life.”

In a statement on the Monrovia city website (, Chi wrote:

“While I am deeply honored that the City of Huntington Beach is considering my appointment, I can’t begin to describe what a genuine privilege it has been for me to serve Monrovia these past five years,” Chi said. “I have been so blessed to have had the chance to work with Mayor Adams and an outstanding team of thoughtful City Council Members, and the amazing array of spectacularly talented City staff here in Monrovia are truly second to none. Our shared mission has been to serve the people of Monrovia to create a community that offers a premier quality of life, and looking back on it all, I feel such immense pride at what we have been able to do together.”

The statement adds:

"The Monrovia City Council will review the matter and determine next steps in a Closed Session meeting on August 6th. If he is confirmed by the City of Huntington Beach to serve as their next City Manager, Mr. Chi intends to work closely with the Mayor and City Council during the next two months to help coordinate the process for identifying his replacement."

Comment: Big loss for Monrovia. Aside from his accomplishments - opening the long-delayed Wilderness Area, the GoMonrovia transportation program that is being imitated around the country, dealing with Monrovia's part in the statewide retirement funding fiasco, and basically re-piping and repaving the city - he's also just an awfully nice guy. Sorry to see you go, Oliver!

- Brad Haugaard

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