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Fine For False Alarms Up to $400

Monrovia Police officers respond to nearly 2,000 false alarms each year. The response to false alarms unnecessarily pulls the responding officers from other endeavors, decreasing the effectiveness of their patrol duties and increasing response times to other calls for service.

Once officers arrive, if there are no signs of forced entry or tampering, Monrovia Police Officers will leave the homeowner a “False Alarm Notice,” informing the home or business owner the police were called to their address regarding an alarm activation.

Monrovia Municipal Code Ordinance 9.47 was established in the best interest of public safety, public welfare, and convenience of the City, as well as fairness to its citizens. The City requires those persons generating an unusual number of false alarms to be deterred from allowing their alarm systems to generate false alarms, which contributes to the City’s expense for responding to those false alarms. The City allows no more than three false alarm responses free of charge in a 12-month period.

Monrovia Municipal Code Ordinance 9.47.050 establishes a service charge to be billed to and paid by the alarm user of a particular alarm system for the following false alarms:

• 4th False Alarm - $200.00
• 5th False Alarm - $300.00
• 6th False Alarm - $400.00
• Subsequent False Alarms - $400.00

This fee is established by resolution for excessive alarm response. Alarms caused by criminal activity, earthquake, weather or conditions beyond the control of the owner would not be considered false.

It is in your best interest to ensure your alarm system is in proper working order and a valid alarm permit is on file with the City of Monrovia.

- Brad Haugaard

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