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New Artificial Turf at Monrovia High; Improving Recess; More Classes

At its next meeting ( the Monrovia Board of Education will consider ...

~ Paying FieldTurf $150,000 to put down new artificial turf on the Monrovia High School football field. The stuff has an eight-year warranty.

~ Paying Playworks ( $19,000 for a year to teach Mayflower and Bradoaks elementary school staff "to achieve district and school goals for creating and sustaining safe and healthy play at recess."

~ Adding the following classes: Advanced Biology, Chemistry Honors, Physics Honors, Advanced English I, and English II Honors.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Even after reading the link I am confused, or perhaps I just don't have children so I don't understand. What happened to children going outside and playing at recess? Yes, children should be taught how to resolve conflict that arises out of recess. Doesn't the recess monitor do that? Yes, healthy play is good, isn't that what PE is about? And, aren't those two schools safe for children? 19K seems a bit to spend when there are other classroom expenses.