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Concern Over Unity Center Moving to World Vision Building; $300 - Easy as Pie

~ A Planning Commission decision to grant a conditional use permit for Foothill Unity Center to purchase the World Vision building on Chestnut has been appealed to the city council. Some neighbors expressed concerns that it could cause increased traffic, that it will encourage the homeless to loiter in the area, and that there could be an increase in shopping carts in the area.

~ Sign up for the pie eating contest taking place at 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 20, as part of Monrovia Days. The Public Services Department is looking for teams of 5 people. The team that can finish eating their pies first (without the use of their hands) will win a $300 cash prize.  The second-place team will win $150, and the third-place team will take home $50. Here's the application form:

Update from City Manager Oliver Chi: "I was writing tonight to let you know about a correction regarding the Foothill Unity Center!  In our last City Manager’s Update, I incorrectly indicated that an appeal had been made of the Planning Commission decision to grant the Foothill Unity Center a conditional use permit to move to 790 West Chestnut Avenue.  I was informed by staff today that although there were individuals who indicated their intention to appeal the decision, ultimately, there was no formal appeal filed.  Therefore, the Planning Commission decision to grant a CUP allowing the Foothill Unity Center to move will stand, and the City is looking forward to working with the Foothill Unity Center on coordinating their move to the new facility, which will certainly enhance the ability of the Foothill Unity Center to continue making a positive impact here in Monrovia"

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately this article is not factual. No appeal has been filed regarding our Conditional Use Permit for the 790 W. Chestnut Ave purchase. The decision of the Planning Commission to approve the Foothill Unity Center CUP became final on Monday night.

    The Foothill Unity Center is excited that we will be soon able to put this vacant property to good use for the community we serve.

    Foothill Unity Center looks forward to working with the neighbors and with the city to address any concerned our new neighbors may have and being partners in mission with World Vision to make this world and this city a better place.


    Betty R. McWilliams
    Executive Director
    Foothill Unity Center, Inc.