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In-N-Out Wants to Open Restaurant in Monrovia

In-N-Out Burger wants to build a 3,879 square foot restaurant with indoor seating for 84 guests and patio seating for 40 guests at the site of the old Black Angus restaurant in the Huntington Oaks Shopping center. The proposal needs to be reviewed by the Development Review Committee and approved by the Planning Commission.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. With a parking lot and room to maneuver I cannot see traffic would be a big concern. The In n Out in Glendora is in a shopping area and it does not seem to restrict traffic flow. Certainly a better set up than Santa Anita in Arcadia. That would be a good choice of company.

  2. Will be better for people in the area,so they don't have to go to Arcadia or Azusa

  3. Where is gonna be ?

    1. North side of Huntington Oaks shopping center.

  4. I am enjoying my sobriety.