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Opinion: Monrovia School District's 'Equity' Policy

A parent with children in Monrovia schools wrote to express her concern about a new Monrovia School Board policy called, "Equity" (, which she believes means teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is the idea that "racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies" and it "puts an emphasis on outcomes, not merely on individuals’ own beliefs, and it calls on these outcomes to be examined and rectified" (

My correspondent, who wishes to remain anonymous, adds: "This needs to be an open discussion for all of Monrovia stakeholders not just a few people assigned to a committee to decide for all and especially for our children that attend Monrovia schools." She suggests that parents should be provided with a syllabus of each class, from Kindergarten up.

I've looked at this document and don't see anything specifically mentioning CRT, though there are elements that concern me. Such as:

-- "[T]he Board also acknowledges other forms of social inequalities and oppression, including gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, national origin, foster youth, involvement with the dependency or juvenile justice systems, and students with disabilities and learning differences, and how these different forms of oppression intersect."

Involvement with the juvenile justice systems is oppression? So if a student robs a liquor store and becomes "involved with the juvenile justice system" he is oppressed? And "gender" is a form of oppression? I don't think so and I don't think this was intended; it is just very badly worded.

-- "Adopt curriculum and instructional materials that accurately reflect the diversity among student groups."

If there are liberal and conservative students, religious and non-religious students, socialist and capitalist students, and so forth, does this mean instructors will be careful to explain multiple positions on political, economic, social and religious issues, or are we in fact using the word "diversity" in the least important sense, that of skin color?

-- "Promote the employment and retention of a diverse staff that reflects the student demographics of the community."

Again, I doubt the demographic diversity referred to here is about political, religious, and economic viewpoints, so since it is most likely referring to race, shouldn't we be teaching our children to learn from the best sources -- to accept good information without judging it based on the color of the instructor?  I would really rather the district just hire the best teachers and employees, regardless of race.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. This is all about dividing us, not enabling each individual to achieve the maximum multiple of his or her talents and ability.

    This will destroy us. Which is the point.

  2. You better read this.

    You cannot have "equity" (which is now defined as equality of outcomes) without massive intervention and discrimination by whoever is in charge. This is cultural marxism.

    I have to ask, too, if schools have been teaching racism and practicing it all this time, why has someone not filed a federal lawsuit against the district? This kind of stuff has been illegal for decades.

    The new program is not aimed at "fighting" any of the ills it claims. It is aimed at installing them.

  3. I know I experienced micro aggressions in the MUSD