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Dinner at Jim’s Burgers

Dinner at Jim’s Burgers, at Sixth and Duarte Road. Got the pastrami sandwich for $9.69 and an iced tea for $1.59. Very good.

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. The one on Amar road and echelon in la puente is pretty good

  2. Jim's burger has been around for an long as I can remember I have been going here for 46 years!!! Everything is delicious here!!!

    1. Jim's Burger when it was Lindy's Dairy Delite was my first job. It was great food then.

  3. The one on Amar Rd. and Echelon sells the Pastrami Sandwich dinner for less than $10 . The meat is lean , and the side dishes are French fries , onion rings and a small drink . All these items make up the dinner. Great value and the food is great too.