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Where Are The Black Black Bears?

I’ve seen a lot of black bears in Monrovia but I’ve never yet seen a black black bear. Most of them are just brown, except this blonde one, which I saw today near a crowd of people in Canyon Park. So why call them “black bears?”

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. Hi Brad,
    Actually the Black Bear, as seen above, comes in many coat colors, including golden brown, brown and dark brown. Black Bears were transferred from the Yosemite area to Southern California and are most prolific in the San Bernardino Mountains. I believe this particular bear lives in the general area of Canyon Blvd and loves to lounge in the trees in the neighborhood. We have found him to be non-aggressive, but as with any wild animal, we do not approach him or try to feed him. Hope this helps. Pam J.

  2. Apparently the first black bears seen by early settlers were actually black.