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City Considering Making Primrose and Ivy One Way Streets; Etc.

Primrose one way south and Ivy one way north?

In his weekly report ( City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ The city is considering making Primrose Avenue one-way southbound and Ivy one-way northbound. The reason: to make room for bike lanes that are physically separated from regular traffic lanes and link Old Town with the train station. Chi writes that there would be no loss of parking, it would encourage traffic to move slower, and it would "facilitate the 'greening' of South Primrose Avenue and South Ivy Avenue." He said it could be paid for by a CalTrans Active Transportation Program grant. Chi said Metro likes the idea so much that it "has hired grant writers to prepare our overall ATP Cycle 4 Grant Funding application!"

Comment: One really simple and dirt cheap thing the city could do if it wants to encourage bicycling is to put at least one bike rack on either side of each block on Myrtle in Old Town, or even just around the corners on the side streets. Right now there are very few racks, except those reserved for LimeBikes.

~ The state is cutting off funding for the Veterans Resource Center at the library, but the city is going to pick up the funding so the center will remain.

~ Monrovia has hired a code enforcement officer to work on Friday, Saturday, and Monday to pull down signs that have been posted on utility poles, stop unpermitted construction, and look out for abandoned shopping carts, abandoned items in the public right of way, and unpermitted yard sales.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. No thank you. High speeds on Magnolia have forced me to use Primrose as a safer route. Also on Fridays it will be even more chaotic with people looking for parking. Where do we vote on this?

  2. let see how many accidents and juries come out of that.

  3. No. Horrible idea, dismiss it.

  4. The canary in the coal mine is gasping.

    That this is even being considered is a symptom that
    this city has dysfunctional traffic circulation due to over development.