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More on One Way Streets

The city demonstrated what it has in mind regarding making Ivy and Primrose one-way streets on a blocked-off section of Fig Avenue. 

City Manager Oliver Chi gave a presentation to a small group of what appeared to be unconvinced residents of Ivy south of Huntington.

The reason for the proposal, he said, is to link the train station area to Old Town, especially as there is so much residential development going on in that area.

Now some details, below each picture. 

Traffic lights would be added at Hintington and Primrose and at Huntington and Ivy.

Primrose and Ivy would be one way for cars but two way for bicycles, as shown in the first picture below. 

The streets marked as blue would have two-way bike lanes. This includes sections of Magnolia and California as well as Prinrose and Ivy. 

The streets marked in green - the one way streets Central and Evergreen - would also have one way bike lanes.

The red streets would just be marked, kind of like the “sharrow” symbols that are around town today.

A mock up of the two way bike lanes, which would mostly be on Ivy and Primrose. (Pretend the area with the baby buggy is actually sidewalk.)

A mock up of the one way bike lanes, that would be installed on Central and Evergreen. 

- Brad Haugaard 

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