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School Board: Replace Natural Gas Buses With Diesel? New Playground Equipment at Monroe, Plymouth; Etc.

At its next meeting (agenda) the Monrovia School Board will consider, among other things ...

~ Swapping out five buses powered by compressed natural gas for five buses powered by diesel. Cost, $853,762. Link

~ Replacing playground equipment at Monroe and Plymouth Elementary schools due to continued growth. Link

~ Adopting a 2018-19 budget of $54,105,387, up from $51,219,116 for 2017-18. Next year revenue is expected to slip to $53,817,727. Link

~ Taking on a mentor paid for by a grant from Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching. "The purpose of the grant is to transform good teachers into great teachers. This transformation occurs through a program in which proven educators receive coaching and mentoring to achieve the highest levels of teaching excellence." Link

~ Hiring the architectural firm NAC Architecture, Inc. for $135,840 to update the district's master facilities plan. Link

- Brad Haugaard

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