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Homes for the Homeless; Virtual Tours of City Facilities; Washing Sidewalks

In his weekly report (, City Manager Oliver Chi reports ...

~ The Monrovia Homeless Outreach Team has rounded up permanent housing for seven of our homeless population. They are required to enroll in a program to teach job training, and rehabilitation / mental health care.

~ Monrovia was recently awarded $30,000 to address homelessness. L.A. County and the United Way developed the grant program, that allows a maximum award of $30,000 for cities the size of Monrovia.

~ Wander around in more city facilities using Google 360. See the  Monrovia Community Center (, Canyon Park Cabin (, and the Monrovia Historical Museum (, although this one looks like just a patio and clicking "Monrovia Historical Museum" in the image takes you to Florida. Especially helpful if you'd like to rent a facility. You can check it out easily.

~ The City has scheduled pressure washing Old Town sidewalks during the next few weeks. Preparation for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

- Brad Haugaard

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