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Dr. Thorossian's November Superintendent Update

By Superintendent Dr. Katherine Thorossian

Monrovia Unified School District is dedicated to equipping students for their future, and we do this by igniting their curiosity and cultivating social skills as they learn and problem solve.

November was a busy month in Monrovia Unified, we celebrated our District's strong science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum, as well as our coding curriculum at Mayflower Elementary and Plymouth Elementary School.

Bradoaks Elementary School hosted its first "Telescopes in the Sky" Moon Party family event, kicking off the school's transition to a science emphasis school. Thank you to our teachers and community partners for supporting memorable enrichment opportunities.

Our Epic Build Showcases at Plymouth and Mayflower Elementary were a success, with parents and community members visiting classrooms to learn more about the District's Code to the Future curriculum. It was exciting to see our students become the instructors as they explained their coding projects and detailed the process it took to get to the final product.

The arts were also highlighted this month when our talented Wild Rose School of Creative Arts students wowed the audience with their performances of "101 Dalmatians." It takes a team of dedicated and passionate educators and students to make something like this happen, and I was incredibly impressed with the entire production.

The outstanding performances continued with Clifton Middle School's fall concert, Broadway Game Changers. Performing arts education allows our students to express themselves, and also improve on communication skills. Congratulations to all of our student performers for successful fall productions.

At the end of the month, Canyon Oaks High School and Mountain Park students were treated to a Thanksgiving meal provided by the schools' staff. The 10-year tradition celebrates community, perseverance and kindness. Thank you to our committed educators for showing their dedication to our students and their continued support.

Sponsored by Monrovia Unified School District, the Taylor Performing Arts Center presents "Sister Act" from Dec. 6 to Dec. 8. Tickets can be purchased at, we hope to see you there.

- Brad Haugaard

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