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Monrovia Schools: District Encouraged Retirements; Good Auditor Repport; Honorees

A few items from the next meeting of the Monrovia School Board (agenda: here):

~ An interesting tidbit in a staff report: On October 19 last year, the board created a Supplementary Retirement Plan for district staff that was "designed as a retirement incentive program that encouraged eligible employees to retire early." The district offered retirement income of 85% of final pay, and 15 employees (or 11, the report is unclear) took the offer.

~ The Monrovia School District had an audit and it appears the district is keeping its financial books properly. The auditor says: "In our opinion, the financial statements refened to above present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the governmental activities, business-type activities..." etc.

~ The board will honor Monrovia's California League of Schools Educators of the Year: Paul Dols, MHS; Chad Miller, Santa Fe; and Katie Woodrick, Clifton. Also, the board, together with the Chamber of Commerce, will honor employees of the month: Eva Kum, Instructional Assistant, Monroe Elementary; Gabby Canedo, Teacher, Monroe; Alan Caron, Instructional Aide, Plymouth Elementary; Sandra Jashinsky, Teacher, Plymouth.

- Brad Haugaard

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