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School District to Consider Buying Vape Detectors, Etc.

At its next meeting the Monrovia Board of Education (agenda here) will consider ...

~  Buying Verkada vape detectors for Monrovia High School for $22,962. Verkada has an "integrated system of Cameras, Air Quality Sensors and more" for detecting vaping. Details

~  Hire a company called Communicaid to do translation work. Details

~ Agreements to provide internships for Azusa Pacific and Grand Canyon University students.

~ Buying educational software from Imagine Learning for $44,000 (details) and agreeing to a three year contract for more educational software from IXL Learning (details) for $21,725.

~ A one-year contract with Teachers Development Group for $21,400 to provide "professional development services". Details

~ Entering into an internship agreement with San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity that will allow Monrovia Community Adult School students on-the-job construction training. Details.

- Brad Haugaard

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