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Canyon Park Will NOT Reopen Jan. 23

Canyon Park will not reopen Monday due to new damage. Here is what Recreation Manager Rebecca Sandoval writes:

"The reopening of Canyon Park has been postponed for about 4 to 6 weeks. The latest storms created emergency conditions across the state and included local, state, and federal disaster proclamations. The storms caused additional damage to areas that clearly present dangerous conditions. For example, there are new washouts of the roadway near culvert crossing #2. There are several large drops adjacent to the road, walkways, and trail. LA County Public Works is also conducting major hauling operations within their debris basin, so Canyon Boulevard has heavy truck traffic. This activity presents another concern, which places walkers and pedestrians along the park entrance during increased hauling activities. Thank you for understanding and your patience as we work hard to reopen our beloved park."

City Manager Dylan Feik adds:

"During an inspection of our progress and after receiving information from our engineer and construction team, I would not feel comfortable hiking with my own children in the park, so I cannot, in good conscience, feel good about reopening just yet. So many people have been working hard to reopen, and so many of you are eager to visit. That will happen, and it will happen soon, just not yet! "

- Brad Haugaard 

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