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Speaker Ryan Ries Will Talk About Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol, and Depression

Guest speaker Ryan Ries will speak to youth about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, depression and suicidal feelings at Calvary Chapel Monrovia on Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 7 p.m.

Ries grew up in Southern California and made a name for himself in the skateboard industry, working for Circa Footwear, maker of skateboarding shoes. He later became involved in the rap and hip hop music industry.

He was making $300,000 a year and was traveling the world with rock bands, but began to struggle with drugs, which almost took his life. 

He has been sober for many years, is married with triplet girls and a son, and travels the world speaking to youth about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, depression and suicidal feelings. 

He and two rock musicians who had a similar story formed an organization called The Whosoevers, which brings a message of hope and love to young people -- and adults -- who are struggling.

He has written the book, "Kill the Noise: Finding Meaning Above the Madness," and is doing a book tour, speaking at churches, youth programs and to incarcerated juveniles. He also speaks at music festivals and skate parks across the nation.   

- Brad Haugaard

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  1. I was a juvenile in a hall in Indio, Cali @1985. I’ve been through the debauchery ringer several times but finally (husband divorced me 2009 and life back and forth with debauchery)… living the life less then 2 miles from the beach in Carlsbad, Cali, awesome job and 2 cars…I’ve always had a passion to help youth in juvi. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help. Please pick Me! 🤚 T’would be the most fulfilling experience ever. 🙏🏼