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A Tour of Canyon Park

The park is open but yes, reservations are required. 

In the lower part of the park not much has changed except for the addition of colorfully painted K-rail. 

If you want to branch off from the park and go up to Camp Trask or beyond, you’re not supposed to. The area beyond Trask is US Forest Service territory and the USFS hasn’t opened things up yet. It’s supposed to open next year. 

Lots of trees that were partially burned are coming back. 

Entry points to the trails all have these legal notices saying, essentially, that if something happens to you it ain’t the city’s fault. 

The part of the trail to the waterfall that I saw showed some damage, but other parts looked fine. I spoke to a ranger who said that it is like that pretty much all the way up to the waterfall. Nice spots and badly damaged spots.

- Brad Haugaard 

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