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Monrovia Canyon Park to Reopen (by Reservation Only) on August 30

City Manager Dylan Feik reports that on August 30 "Monrovia Canyon Park will be open to visitors by reservations only. Reservations will be open on August 23, and in the upcoming week, we will be sharing information on how to make a reservation."

He adds:

"Since last September when the Bobcat Fire burned hundreds of acres in Monrovia, including Monrovia Canyon Park, the facility has been closed to the public. Staff and volunteers have contributed countless hours repairing trails, clearing fallen trees, painting facilities and aiding in regrowth. The community is invited to enjoy all hiking trails, including the Waterfall Trail, Nature Trail, Bill Cull Trail, Cunningham Overlook Trail, and the Ben Overturff Trail!"

At this time, - Brad Haugaard

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