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Monrovia Police Department Honors Officers and Staff

On Thursday, June 17, the Monrovia Police Department honored these officers and staff. "If you happen to see any of our award winning officers around town we are sure they would appreciate it if you congratulate them!"

2019 Awards

Distinguished Service Medal
Agent Juan Huerta
Agent Cody Wilkins
Detective Damien Bartholomy
Senior Officer Seth Hermes
Senior Officer (Ret.) John Jefferson

Life Saving Award
Sergeant Gerald DeHart
Sergeant Yolanda Juarez
Agent Travis Ortega
Officer Joshua Granger

2020 Awards

Distinguished Service Medal

Officer Joshua Granger
Communications Operator Erin Maller

Medal of Merit

Officer Rosendo Ramos
Officer Ian Vanderburg

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! Great job. Proud of you.