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City Council to Discuss Goals, Evaluate City Manager and City Attorney

 The Monrovia City Council will hold a special session Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Doubletree to set goals, then it will go into closed session to evaluate how the city manager and city attorney are doing. Details.

Comment: May I suggest the city discuss goals for wildlife management. I'm sure we're all happy to live near bears but I don't think we want them inside our houses or ripping up things under our houses. I'm sure we're okay with coyotes, but we don't want them eating our pets. Both are moving further and further into the center of town. This is a foothills problem that should probably be addressed by a consortium of foothills cities. Perhaps Monrovia should take the lead in this.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. is there any validity to the rumor Mr. Steele may be retiring, and, if yes, what are the plans to backfill?

  2. I second brad’s comment about putting some control over wildlife population

  3. Brad's comment is on point. The sityuation is getting to the point that bears and humans are going to come into contact with each other and someone is going to get hurt. It is hard to predict what wild animals will do if confronted intentionally or by accident. The crawl space under my house was a cozy place for one bear until an air horn got him to leave. Wisely, nobody should go into a crawlspace when a wild animal is in there. "They were here first" is a myopic, asinine justification when children could be involved.