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Opinion: Metro Jumps the Gun in Charging for Parking

I think Metro has jumped the gun in deciding to begin charging people $3 to park in the Monrovia train station garage starting June 26.

The notice that Metro has posted at the garage and placed on car windshields at the station says that the charge is to "help protect parking spaces for Metro riders."

When the Station Square complex opens and there are restaurants and shops that people want to go to, I can understand how parking for Metro might be hurt, but there is currently nothing in the neighborhood to attract people.

Are folks going to park in Metro's garage and walk to the gas station? Are they going to park there and drag old bottles over to the recycling center? or will they park there and carry their sick dog over to the veterinarian?  Are the light industrial buildings in the neighborhood a big magnet for traffic?

I really don't think so and I think Metro should hold off charging until there is a real possibility that neighborhood attractions will affect parking for train riders. But that time has not arrived.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Brad, I have been thinking the same thing. Thank you for stating it so well. Where would people be going that it would be convenient to park at the train station?

  2. Hahaha. Yesterday, my friend and I were driving on Myrtle Ave. and we said, "Do you think people park all the way over here at the Metro station and walk to Old Town? Is that why Metro has to start charging?"

  3. And if people stop using the parking structure because they can't afford $3, then Metro would stop charging for it. So... what's your beef? If it continues to get used even with a parking fee, doesn't that mean that it's working?

  4. I live 0.7 miles from the station, a short 10 min walk. Yet I have been driving to the station for work because let's face it, some days you just don't feel like walking or you're running late. Anyways, I kinda don't mind walking to the station, it's good exercise. But I was able to rent one of the bike lockers so that I can start riding bike to the station. And I'm sure there will be days when I do have to drive to the station. In that case I won't mind paying $3. FYI: Arcadia station is still not charging, so there's still that option.

  5. You can also park at the vanpool lot, on the east side of the station next to Myrtle, at least until they charge for that lot, or on city streets south of Duarte Road for free.

  6. Paid parking will come to all Metro lots which will help defray the enormous cost of providing parking spaces for 15% of Metro riders. The conversion of parking lots cannot be done everywhere simultaneously so Monrovia is privileged to be one of the first converted.