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Monrovia City Budget; Outsourcing Check Processing; Raise Park Maintenance Fee? Etc.

Divvying up the budget pie.

At its Tuesday, June 6 meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider...

~ Its 2017-19 General Fund budget, which, "is structurally balanced in both years." The city expects that for 2017-18 it will bring in $42.4 million and spend $41.65 million, and for 2018-19 bring in $43.64 and spend $43.54 million.

~ Outsourcing utility bill check processing to the Whittier company, RT Lawrence. It'll cost about $22,166 the first year of the contract, then about $15,516 annually thereafter. As more residents
utilize online payment, this cost may decrease.

~ Raising the fee for the citywide Park Maintenance District by 24 cents, from $11.53 to $11.77 for a single-family dwelling unit.

~ The fee for the Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance District. City staff is recommending leaving it as is.

~ Granting a Conditional Use Permit so Bowden Development can build a four-unit, two-story resdential project at 902 W. Colorado Blvd.

~ Granting a Historic Landmark designation to the house at 228 W. Olive Ave. Staff is recommending approval.

- Brad Haugaard

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