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School Board Votes to Ask Voters to Approve $75 Million Bond

The Monrovia Board of Education voted unanimously at its Tuesday meeting to put a measure on the November ballot asking residents to approve a $75 million bond to "to repair/upgrade classrooms, science labs, career-training facilities, and instructional technology to support student achievement and college/career readiness in math, science, technology, engineering, arts and skilled trades; fix deteriorating roofs, plumbing, electrical systems; and improve school safety/security systems..."

The bond will cost property owners approximately $30 per year per $100,000 of assessed valuation (not market price). Video of the board discussion and vote here:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. In reading previous opinions this proposal is not sounding very acceptable. Mentioned that caught my eye are how a previous bond is still being paid, along with a/c that is already updated, lower student population. Then, unrelated to this bond issue is some kind of cell phone app, tracking device, hall me old, but what? We aren't made of money. These bonds affect homeowners and renters.

  2. The cost of rent will surely go up because landlords are not going to pay for this out of their pockets. The cost of this "bond" will be passed on to the tenant for them to pay. Also where are the budget numbers for this. Is this just a money grab without a plan.

  3. My kids teacher has not been happy with what is going on. The new superintendent has brought on many of his friends from his other school district. They want to start outfitting classrooms with 5 TVs. What happened to actually teaching our kids instead of just putting them in front of a TV.