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School District Considering Asking Voters to Approve a $75 Million Bond

The Monrovia School Board is apparently interested in asking Monrovia voters to approve a 30-year bond for $75 million that would cost property owners $30 per $100,000 of accessed value. The full repayment cost for the bond would be $141 million.

The board will hold a special but open meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, at 5:30 p.m. in the superintendent's office, to receive a general report on issuing bonds with suggestions for "Next Steps Towards a Potential November 2022 General Obligation Bond Measure." 

The report does not indicate what the district wants to use the money for.


- Brad Haugaard


  1. WAIT! The property owners are being asked to increase their taxes by $30 per $100,000, that's $300 for a value of one million, and the school district does not have a plan, or need? They want me to pay more taxes, but they cannot tell me why I am giving a blank check. Voters, are you taking note? This affects all property owners, then trickles down to renters. Out of town so I cannot attend this meeting.

  2. What about a community oversite committee. Stop charging MYBL so much money for the use of the fields when were already paying taxes for the schools. The district is not taking care of our schools now so why should we trust them with 75 million dollars. Show us a preventive maintenance plan. Our schools looks bad, janitors out of control, no type of leadership structure within. Who is in charge of each school maintenance, head custodian, the principle, the guy at the office in the bus yard, who. It is time we start holding the district accountable and if they want our money their needs to be some type of oversite from the community!!!!!

  3. Monrovia school board needs a lesson in economics. No one can afford this increase especially those living on social security. This is not holding them accountable for anything

  4. Vote, “No.” Period. Full stop.

    1. Agreed. School Board, are you listening?