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Pedestrian Safety Report Available for Comment; Rebates on Weather-Based Sprinkler Systems

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ A draft of the Pedestrian Safety Study is now available for public comment. The study specifically examined 41 routes to school, though the report says its finding can be applied more broadly. The report recommends changes to these crosswalks:

  • 5th Ave & Duarte Rd
  • 5th Ave & Huntington Dr
  • Alta Vista Ave & Walnut Ave
  • California Ave & Evergreen Ave
  • California Ave & Huntington Dr
  • Canyon Blvd & Lime Ave
  • Colorado Blvd & Madison Ave
  • Colorado Blvd & Monterey Ave
  • Colorado Blvd & Primrose Ave
  • Duarte Rd & Mayflower Ave 
  • Foothill Blvd & Canyon Blvd
  • Foothill Blvd & Myrtle Ave
  • Huntington Dr & Ivy Ave
  • Huntington Dr & Primrose Ave
  • Lemon Ave east of Myrtle Ave (Lemon Court)
  • Lemon Ave east of Myrtle Ave (Movie Theater)
  • Lime Ave east of Myrtle Ave (Movie Theater)
  • Lime Ave west of Myrtle Ave (Police Dept.)
  • Magnolia Ave & Duarte Rd
  • Mayflower Ave & Diamond/Evergreen Ave
  • Mayflower Ave & Olive Ave
  • Monterey Ave & Huntington Dr
  • Mountain Ave & Central Ave
  • Mountain Ave & Duarte Rd
  • Mountain Ave & Evergreen Ave
  • Mountain Ave & Lemon Ave
  • Myrtle Ave & Duarte Rd
  • Myrtle Ave south of Colorado Blvd
  • Myrtle Ave south of Foothill Blvd
  • Myrtle Ave south of Lemon Ave
  • Myrtle Ave south of Lime Ave
  • Primrose Ave & Palm Ave

Suggested improvements include widening the curbs to lessen the amount of street pedestrians have to cross, improving signs and lighting, and using the more visible "continental" style zebra crossings. Also, for crosswalks at intersections with signals, the report suggests holding up traffic at signals for 3-4 seconds to let pedestrians get out in the street where they are more immediately visible.

~ Rebates are available for weather-based watering systems. Set the controller for a maximum watering time based on the hottest time of year, then the controller reduces that time during cooler days when less water is needed.

- Brad Haugaard

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