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Board to Consider: Letting Some Students Off Campus for Lunch; Continuing On-Line Meetings Because of 'State of Emergency'; Honoring Teacher of the Year, Scholars

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia Board of Education will consider ...

~ Adopting an "open campus" policy to let 11th and 12th graders leave campus during lunchtime, subject to their maintaining a 3.0 GPA, parental approval, good attendance and basically keeping their noses clean.

~ Adopting a resolution "recognizing the continued state of emergency and reauthorizing the need for teleconferenced meetings." State law requires districts consider this resolution monthly.

~ Adopting a policy revision concerning absences and excuses.

~ Congratulating Kristin Ford on being named the "2021 Teacher of the Year" for Monrovia Unified School District. This at a special 5:30 p.m. meeting.

~ Congratulating Advanced Placement scholars: 

AP Scholars:

  • Valery Almeida, 12th grade
  • Luke Grebel, 12th grade
  • Luca Ammon, 12th grade
  • Elizabeth Hutson, 12th grade
  • Sarah Avalos, 12th grade
  • Ashley Jauregui, 12th grade
  • Sophia Childers, 11th grade
  • Raymond Revilla, 12th grade
  • Robert DeBetta, 11th grade
  • Matthew Rocha Torres, 12th grade
  • Finn Espinoza, 12th grade
  • Ava Shechtman, 11th grade

AP Scholars With Honors:

  • Alexander Lenz, 12th grade
  • Megan Ta, 12th grade
  • Jane Neuman, 11th grade

AP Scholars With Distinction:

  • Edward Feldman, 12th grade
  • Susann Martinez, 12th grade
  • Matthew Hui, 12th grade
  • Andrew Smithwick, 12th grade
  • Elizabeth Liu, 12th grade

~  Adopting a policy revision concerning absences and excuses.

- Brad Haugaard

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