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School District to Bring Chinese Students to Monrovia High

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia Board of Education will consider entering into a three-year arrangement with the high school affiliated with Guangzhou University, in China, for a program that would bring Chinese students to Monrovia High School, and would apparently also have Monrovia teachers teaching in Guangzhou. Details:

- Brad Haugaard


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  2. Any other country? Why this country? Just wondering.

  3. Forced diversity becomes perversity. Stop shoving this agenda down our throats. Ask legal immigrants to assimilate and allow immigration to those only who want to be truly American. China already has a huge stronghold California

  4. Focus on American Students, especially those that are homeless or at risk. China already has a huge presence in America.

  5. lol Monrovia is shilling for money from CCP. Next thing you know they’re gonna set up a Confucius institute

  6. The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t care about “cultural exchange” with other countries. They’re whole end game interest is only about extending their soft power into other countries to bolster their image after they unleashed a viral disease onto the entire planet.

    They don’t have human rights in China, their history of abuse is so long and abhorrent I could go on for days but we only need to look into recent events. It speaks for itself how cruel the CCP are based on how they suppressed & silenced Hong Kong & the Uyghurs into submission and forcing them to be a part of China. Hong Kongers & Uyghurs are currently fleeing to democratic nations around the world with desperate warnings of China’s abuses and to pleas fight against the CCP. Chinese citizens are not allowed to speak critically about their own government bc they have a firewalled internet that blocks them off from free information connecting then to the rest of the world. Their society runs on an Orwellian social credit system that encourages them to snitch on each other to climb up the ladder and get points for being an upstanding model Communist party devotee. Any negative statement could get someone either get censored, suspended from social media, jailed or even disappeared depending on how much traction their post has garnered online.

    China is currently pushing into the South China Sea as well as constantly threatening a war with Taiwan as a egotistical power grab. My own parents in Taiwan & generations before them spent their upbringing training to constantly be vigilant against China bc CCP was endlessly threatening to obliterate Taiwan simply for existing as democratic Republic of China, a perfect model of ethnic Chinese peoples thriving under a democratic system away from Communist control.

    Ok, so maybe this is all too much for you to take in if you have no concept of how CCP operates so I’ll leave global affairs aside and put it this way - Public school isn’t even free in China, how ridiculous is that for a so-called communist utopia? They want put on a nice shiny veneer for foreign students to see how powerful and progressive China is and create and buddy-buddy friendship to create a positive impression.

    But don’t forget they quite literally crushed their own people, young Chinese college students, with fleets of tanks in Tiananmen Square for simply daring to believe in free thinking & democracy.

    What would make anyone think it’s a good idea to send American kids to a country who has an obsession with taking down the United States and who is obsessed with trying to become the new world leader? Do they seriously not understand what the larger implication this gesture means as a whole? Can the Monrovia school board really so daftly believe this is just a cool fun little cultural exchange?? Gag, get a grip and hit the books harder bc you guys obviously don’t know enough history. You’re doomed to repeat your mistakes when you’re not informed.