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Chick-fil-A Plans Restaurant In Monrovia

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~  Chick-fil-A is planning a restaurant in Monrovia. Chick-fil-A - and Starbucks - want to open drive-through restaurants at the corner of Encino Avenue and Huntington Drive (the former Claim Jumper restaurant site). The proposed project needs approval by the city's Planning Commission and City Council. City staff anticipates the public hearing and review process to begin this spring. Video explaining what is planned:

~  Frontier Communications will be working throughout the City to make extensive improvements to their communications network during the next few months. The company is required to notify property owners and residents 72 hours prior to any work that might directly affect their properties.

~  The Community Services Department is accepting city facility rental requests for consideration. Applications must include a plan stating how the applicant will ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines. For more information contact the Monrovia Community Center at 256-8246. 

Correction: Claim Jumper is currently still open. My apologies for suggesting it has already been closed.

- Brad Haugaard