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Another Report of Possible Animal Poisoning On Norumbega

A heartbroken Boni Forte reported on Facebook that she believes her dog Carson was poisoned yesterday. She said he went into convulsions and they rushed him to the vet but it was too late. She said the veterinarian's office said it appeared the dog had eaten something very toxic. On examining his vomit she found what looked like a long piece of bacon.

In addition, she said neighbors on Norumbega (she lives in the 900 block) have reported finding doggie cookies along the side of the road and several dead foxes.

This is not the first time there have been suspicions of poisoning of animals around Norumbega. In May of 2019 resident Sandi Warren reported neighbors found a suspicious bag of meat along the side of the road.

Update: City Council Member Becky Shevlin commented on Facebook that her understanding is that the Monrovia Police Department "is working on a type of Neighborhood Watch program that will hopefully help address this situation," though details are not available yet.

- Brad Haugaard

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