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Tofu Will Wag His Tail and Wiggle His Body Just to Greet You

Four-year old Tofu is a sweet boy who loves getting attention and back scratches! He’ll probably greet you with a wagging tail and a wiggling body. Tofu loves being petted and might even put his head in your lap to ask for more cuddles.

From June 10 through June 30, the adoption fee for big dogs (40 lbs and up) is $50 through our Big Dog Summer adoption promotion! All dog adoptions include spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriate vaccines.

New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about how to care for your pet.

View photos of adoptable pets and schedule an adoption appointment at Adoptions are by appointment only, and new adoption appointments are available every Sunday and Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.

Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters by phone calls or email.

- Brad Haugaard

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