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Monrovia PD Handled Security for VP's Visit; More Things to Add to Green Waste; City Job Open

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik ...

~ Thanked Police Lieutenant Dan Verna for coordinating the city's security plan for US Vice President Kamala Harris. He had less than 5 days' time to put it together. Feik said the city "was advised NOT to share details of the event when we normally try so hard to engage with our merchants and community members for activities of any kind. In some ways, City staff felt like we had this little secret we wanted - needed - to share with the community and could not!"

~  Reported that more things are now supposed to go into your green waste container. Food scraps, dirty paper containers, paper towels and tissues - along with plants and wood. But, no metal, plastic, glass or, of course, hazardous waste.

~ Reported that the city wants to hire a human resources technician / senior human resources technician. Full-time, $50,590 to $71,253 a year. Details:

- Brad Haugaard

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