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Athens to Request 8.87% Rate Hike; Leaning Tree Must Go; Call for Artists; Lucinda Garcia Park Kick-Off; Science Academy

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ As allowed under its contract , Athens Services is asking for an 8.87% increase for solid waste services effective July 1 ( For the typical residential customer with 90-gallon containers the rate will increase from $36.47 to $39.68 a month. For the typical commercial customer with a 3-yard bin serviced once per week, the rate will increase from $212.68 to $231.53 a month. The City Council will consider the request on June 21.

~ A tree at the northwest corner of Library Park is in bad shape and needs to be removed as it is leaning more and more "at an alarming rate." If it falls it is likely to fall on or near the band shell. It is scheduled to be removed tomorrow, Saturday, June 18.

~ Artists are invited to submit proposals for the Josephine Anderson Neighborhood Treasure.  Anderson founded the Monrovia Unity Center in 1980 in a borrowed church closet in Monrovia with the goal to provide food to hungry families. She realized those needing food were going from church to church seeking help. Feeling this was ineffective and wasteful, she called the leaders of the various church programs together and the Unity Center was born. For questions contact Kerri Zessau at 932-5564 or  

~ Ground breaking for the Lucinda Garcia Park Renovation Project will take place on July 9, at 10 a.m., at the park. The park will be closed from July through December 2022. The $1.7 million renovation will expand the park by one-quarter acre to the west and make improvements to the existing amenities.

~  Monrovia, with Oak Crest Institute of Science, will host a science academy this summer.  Students may apply for funding to cover the cost of the academy. For funding details contact staff at the Monrovia Community Center or call 256-8246. To sign up, go to this page,, scroll to the bottom and click "Junior Researcher Academy".

- Brad Haugaard

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