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A Temporary Replacement for Shaw? | Friday Night Live | Rental Inspections | Recycling | Street Fair

A few items on the Monrovia City Council agenda ( ) for Dec. 20:
~ Consider whether to find a temporary replacement for Councilman Clarence Shaw during his active duty for the Army.
~ The City Council will hear a report on an experimental Friday Night Live program designed to reduce the number of youth loitering problems during the street fair and consider whether to continue it. Opinion: The data ( ) seems ambiguous. Also, the city increased police bike patrols at the same time as it added the youth program, which makes it a harder to untangle cause and effect. Change one variable at a time.
~ Consider a pilot Rental Housing Inspection Program in the 700–900 blocks of West Walnut and Olive Avenues. Rental properties result in the most service calls. Maybe more inspections will help.
~ Some reports on recycling.  and
~ Consider a three-year contract with Family Festival Productions to continue putting on the street fair. City staff recommends approval.
- Brad Haugaard

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