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Monrovia Assemblyman Asks SG Valley be Declared in State of Emergency

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who represents part of Monrovia, has asked Governor Jerry Brown to declare the San Gabriel Valley to be in a state of emergency. Here is his letter:
Dear Governor Brown,
The devastation in the San Gabriel Valley and the 44th Assembly District has been significant and dramatic.  There continue to be homes without power nearly one week after the winds began.
I respectfully request that you declare a "state of emergency."  Residents of small and large cities need assistance and the towns and counties warrant the state's help in meeting the demand placed on them from this horrendous natural disaster.
Please consider touring the affected communities and I again urge you to quickly declare so that emergency resources can be made available.
Anthony J. Portantino
- Brad Haugaard (from press release)

1 comment:

  1. I was hoping a fastern response from Jerry Brown but I was mistaken. There is absolutely no justification for ignoring the San Gabriel Valley after such a disaster. This is a dress rehearsal of what would happen to us in case of a big quake.