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Monrovia Schools: Finances and Attendance Headed Down; Start Date;Advocacy

A few items on the Dec. 15 Monrovia School Board agenda ( ): 

~ The Monrovia Unified School District projects that it will be able to meet its financial obligations for this year and the two years following, but after that, um, maybe not, because, well, who knows how much money the state will give to the schools. That would mean the schools would have to cut some more.
~ It appears that despite a nice little bump up in attendance from 2010-11 (5951) to 2011-12 (5961), Monrovia School District projects its enrollment will resume its decline - to 5886 in 2012-13 and to 5871 in 2013-14.
~ If you want to plan a family vacation, note that school will start on August 27 in 2012, assuming the School Board approves this recommendation:
~ Here is a list of "Board Advocacy" issues. Basically, appeals to the state for money ( ) Opinion: I wonder if it would be possible for the state's school districts to create a separate taxing authority for k-12 education, separating its finances from the state's, as it used to be. I think the state government has demonstrated it is wretchedly irresponsible with money. Better to have separate bank accounts.
- Brad Haugaard

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