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New Monrovia Christmas Tree! | Lee Murder Trial | Huff on Education

~ Home Depot is giving Monrovia a new Christmas tree, a 17-foot Cedrus Deodara, to replace the 60-year-old Christmas Tree in Library Park that fell over in the windstorm. Thanks Home Depot!
~ Jury deliberating in Felicia Lee murder trial.
~ State Senator Bob Huff, who represents Monrovia, says the California Teachers Association is trying to prevent the implementation of a law he authored to help epileptic students. Also, he said, "special interests" oppose the state seeking a waiver to the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act because they don't like "the teacher job performance evaluations the waiver would require."
Also, he says state tax revenue is far under what was projected, which means automatic cuts will go into effect for education, but "I believe it would be far more prudent to look elsewhere in the budget before turning to education funding so quickly."

Opinion: Regarding state revenue, I don't think anyone believed it would be adequate to avoid automatic cuts, so I wonder if lawmakers just pretended to believe so they could say they passed a balanced budget and could continue getting their paychecks. They just imagined absurdly high revenue and - Presto! - instant balanced budget. Or am I'm just becoming cynical?
- Brad Haugaard

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