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Cleanup Money From State? | Monrovia Hillside Recommendation

~ City Manager Scott Ochoa reports that State of California "has finally recognized the magnitude of the windstorms" and "made the necessary declaration," which may result in some money from the state.
~ The Community Services Commission has recommended to the City Council the "minimalist" (5b) option for managing the hillside area above Monrovia. This essentially means leaving things as they are but adding some gates and direction signs and No Parking signs in the residential areas near the gateways. Also, the Commission recommended keeping Lower Clamshell Truck Trail closed pending further environmental study. . Also, see the executive summary of the various plans here:
Opinion: My concern is that all Monrovians paid for this hillside area, so all Monrovians should have reasonable access to it, but if the city reduces the amount of parking (by putting up No Parking signs), that would make this area less accessible. Homeowners near the gateways reasonably don't want cars in front of their houses all day, so I think the project should include at least some new parking so the homeowners are not imposed upon and so there is a net parking increase - not decrease - for visitors.
- Brad Haugaard

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