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Monrovia Finance Director Named Interim City Manager | SCEInvestigated, Apologizes | Boy's Soccer | 210 Bridge | Donnelly on Daily

The form for freeway bridge pillar.
~ Monrovia's finance director, Mark Alvarado, has been appointed to be interim city manager.
~ The State's Public Utilities Commission is investigating Edison's response to the windstorm.
~ SCE apologizes for windstorm response.
~ The Monrovia High Boy’s Soccer team finished as one of the top four teams in the Paso Robles Soccer Tournament.
~ Later this week, the contractor will pour concrete to complete the structure of the first column of the 210 bridge. The column “form” (shown in the photo) is nearly installed. Once complete, concrete will be poured into the form and allowed to cure. The form will then be stripped and moved to form the second and third columns.  Later next year the basket aesthetic elements will be added.
~ Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, who represents part of Monrovia, appeared on The Daily Show, defending the initiative process:
- Brad Haugaard

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