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Extra Curbside Green-Waste Collections | County Emergency Management | Big-Item Collection | Big Bins | Mini Police Copter

~ Athens will pick up extra green-waste this week. Just keep putting your refilled green-waste barrels out through Dec. 9.
~ LA County announced today that it is activating its Disaster Hotline (1-800-980-4990) to report damage caused by the wind storm. You can also call 2-1-1. The press release says the county will use this information to get state and federal assistance. Also, it reports that the Office of Emergency Management "stands ready to ramp up if conditions warrant." [Opinion: Good, but, um, I think conditions warranted five days ago. For an emergency office, this strikes me as rather slow off the mark.]
~ Athens will also pick up bulky items that won't fit in your barrels (you get two free bulky-item pick-ups per year). If you need to do that, call Athens Services to schedule a pickup at (626) 336-3636.
~ Updated list of where you can take big branches and big-plant stuff (but not palm fronds):
~ A pretty cool (though slow-loading for me) video of AeroVironment's Qube mini police-copter.
- Brad Haugaard

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