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Monrovia's Foothill Unity Center's 2011 Accomplishments

Monrovia's Foothill Unity Center reports on its accomplishments in 2011.

Over the past twelve months, we:

- Gave more than four million pounds of food (over 33,300 food orders plus pet food) via monthly and weekly distributions plus delivery to homebound senior and disabled clients.

- Gave substantial bag lunches three times a week to people and families who were homeless or had no place to store or cook food. While the need has never been greater, inventories of USDA and donated foods at Los Angeles Regional Food Bank — one of our key resources — reached an all-time low this year. It’s costing us much more to provide meaningful amounts of food.

- Collaborated with more than a hundred local agencies and organizations to connect  our clients with a range of crisis services, including motel vouchers, referrals to transitional services for domestic violence victims, employment counseling, shelter, advocacy resources, bus tokens and taxi coupons, and work experience programs.

- Helped our families access low- to no-cost health, vision and dental care, health education and more through our growing network of partnerships with local practitioners and health care providers.

- Gave over 1,800 local K-12 grade client children the clothing, supplies and haircuts they needed to start the new school year with confidence.

- Provided generous food boxes to our families at our special Thanksgiving and Holiday  distributions — along with new toys, clothing and more for over 3,000 children at the Holiday event.

- Brad Haugaard

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