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City Manager: Monrovia Best Responder After Windstorm

Monrovia City Manager Scott Ochoa says he thinks Monrovia did better than any other agency during the windstorm:

I do believe that Monrovia responded faster and with more resources than any other agency affected by the windstorms. We kept field crews working all night, staffed the main City Hall switchboard so that folks could actually have a live person to talk to, and constantly updated all of our various media. Augmented by community members, such as our CERT volunteers and local contractor Steve Pokrajac's heavy equipment crews, Monrovia's clean-up efforts have been accelerated greatly!

But, he added, "I do worry that not enough of our homes are prepared to be self-sufficient for the first 72 hours."

Opinion: Agreed! I think the city did a fabulous job. I know a city worker who was on the job even though his own home had serious damage. Also, I thought the giant bins around town for yard waste were a great idea. Suggestion - since we couldn't put palm fronds in those bins, maybe next time add a few bins just for palm fronds. 

- Brad Haugaard

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