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99 Percent of Monrovia Power Should be Restored Today

April Soash, of the City of Monrovia, reported to the Monrovia Coordinating Council this morning that power should be on for 99 percent of Monrovia sometime today. She said city workers, Southern California Edison workers, and private volunteer contractors, such as Steve Pokrajac (She said if you see him, say "thank you, thank you, thank you") have been working together to get the electricity back on. 

Kate Clark, a businesswoman on Myrtle, said that some businesses in the 300 and 400 blocks of Myrtle "can't hang on much longer." She said the broken poles are in places that are difficult to fix. Other council members suggested that businesses' insurance policies may cover some of the loss and Edison may be able to process claims for some reimbursement from the Public Utilities Commission.

Also, Soash said:

- Street sweeping should get back on schedule. The city crew from Canyon Park will be preceding the sweeper to take care of problems.

- Athens Services has been working "24/7."

- The city has been contacting disabled Monrovians to make sure they are okay.

Foothill Unity Center Executive Director Joan Whitenack said the center lost power only for one day, but kept its walk-in freezer locked down tight, so there was no spoilage. Still, she said, the Center could use more meats for its holiday distribution to low-income families. Ham, turkey, chickens and small roasts, if you can help.

- Brad Haugaard

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