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Monrovia PD: Mother Reports Daughter for Grand Theft Auto; Tracking Device Recovers Laptop; No Counterfeits, but Meth; Etc.

[Monrovia Police activities from the Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Report for Dec. 5-7. - Brad Haugaard]
During the last seven-day period, December 1-7, 2011, the Police Department handled 858 service events, resulting in 91 investigations.  Following are the highlighted issues and events for weekdays listed above. To see a complete listing of crimes reported, go to for crime mapping.
Grand Theft Auto
On December 5 at 7:13 a.m., an officer was dispatched to a residence in the 900 block of West Walnut regarding a stolen vehicle.  The victim stated that she had picked up her daughter and her daughter's friend at the El Monte Bus Depot the day before.  She drove them to her residence and parked the vehicle on the street.  The victim went to sleep at 9:00 p.m., and when she woke up the next morning around 6:00 a.m., the daughter and her friend were gone.  She went outside and saw her car was missing. She checked her purse and found the keys to the vehicle, her cell phone, and 100 dollars were missing.  She did not give the daughter permission to take her car.  The vehicle is a gold, four-door, 1996 Ford Taurus.  Investigation continuing.
Attempt Residential Burglary
On December 5 at 10:16 p.m., a resident in the 800 block of South Canyon called police to report an attempt burglary.  The crime occurred sometime between 12:00 noon and 10:00 p.m.  The front door of the residence was forced open, but nothing was taken.  Investigation continuing.
Grand Theft Auto Recovery
On December 5 at 9:49 p.m., a vehicle was reported stolen from a business parking lot in the 500 block of West Huntington.  The stolen vehicle was a white, four-door, 1994 Honda Accord.  At approximately midnight, the Monrovia Police Department was notified by the California Highway Patrol that the vehicle was found abandoned on the 60 Freeway at Rosemead Boulevard.  Investigation continuing.
Possession of Narcotics - Suspect Arrested
On December 7 at 12:57 a.m., an officer stopped a bicyclist at Mayflower and Colorado for a traffic violation.  During a consent search, the officer found a small baggie of cocaine.  The suspect was arrested for possession of narcotics.
Theft from a Vehicle
On December 7 at 7:47 a.m., a theft from a vehicle was reported in the 500 block of West Lime.  The victim reported that someone went into his vehicle during the night and took his GPS System.  The vehicle doors had been left unlocked.  Investigation continuing.
Theft from a Vehicle
On December 7 at 8:51 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the 200 block of West Lime regarding a theft from a vehicle.  The victim reported that someone went into his vehicle, which was parked in an alley, and took his car stereo.  The vehicle doors were left unlocked.  Investigation continuing.
Residential Burglary
On December 7 at 1:34 p.m., an officer responded to the 700 block of Norumbega Drive regarding a burglary.  The victim has been ill and was home asleep.  Suspect(s) broke a bedroom window, gained entry, and stole jewelry from the room.  The victim did not hear the glass breaking.  He woke when he heard his bedroom door open and the lights went on and off quickly.  He did not see the person and thought it was the cleaning lady.  Investigation continuing.
Vehicle Burglary
On December 7 at 3:52 p.m., a vehicle burglary was reported in the 700 block of South Myrtle at an apartment complex.  The victim reported that his locked vehicle had been broken into sometime on Saturday, December 3.  His GPS System, iPod, and some coins were taken.  Investigation continuing.
Domestic Violence - Suspect Arrested
On December 7 at 4:02 p.m., a female victim of domestic violence called to report an incident that occurred in the 900 block of Diamond.  The female victim reported that she had been battered by her live-in boyfriend, who is the father of her child.  He struck her in the head several times with a closed fist and left the location on foot.  The officer learned the suspect might be on his way to Pasadena.  The Pasadena Police Department was notified of the incident, and within the hour, Pasadena called to advise they were detaining the suspect.  The officer responded to Pasadena and arrested the suspect.
Theft from a Vehicle
On December 7 at 8:42 p.m., a theft from an unlocked vehicle was reported in the 200 block of West Lemon.  The crime occurred between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.  A laptop computer and a ring were stolen from the vehicle.  Investigation continuing.
Fight / Warrant Arrest / Delaying a Peace Officer / Child Annoying / Drunk in Public - Suspects Arrested
On December 7 at 9:51 p.m., and officer was flagged down by a citizen reporting a possible fight in the 100 block of West Foothill.  As the officer approached a group of subjects, including two male subjects that looked as if they were preparing to fight, one of the subjects ran.  The officer recognized the remaining subject and knew he had an outstanding arrest warrant.  The subject was uncooperative and challenged the officer, who then requested assistance.  Assisting officers arrived and the suspect continued to resist, but was eventually taken into custody.  No one was injured.
At 10:36 p.m., while officers were attempting to locate witnesses to the fight, a 15-year-old girl told officers that the subject who ran from the incident had approached her and had made several lewd comments.  That suspect was located nearby and was positively identified by witnesses.  The second suspect is an 18-year-old male.  He was arrested for child annoying and being drunk in public.
Fight in Progress - Suspects Arrested
On December 7 at 11:56 p.m., police received a call reporting a fight in progress at Myrtle and Pomona.  Officers arrived and found two female subjects who witnesses said had been fighting prior to police arrival.  The two subjects were arrested for being drunk in public.  The subjects were part of the group from the above listed fight incident that occurred in the 100 block of Foothill.
Detective Bureau Case Follow-Up
On December 6, detectives went to Anaheim to serve a search warrant for a stolen laptop computer.  The computer was stolen from a vehicle at Homestead Village.  The laptop was equipped with a tracking device.  The tracking service was able to produce the Facebook page for a possible suspect and an address associated with the IP address.  The detectives recovered the computer.  The investigation to identify the suspect continues.
On December 7, detectives went to Winnetka to serve a search warrant on a counterfeit suspect.  The search warrant allowed the detectives to search for additional counterfeit bills.  The detectives did not find any more counterfeit bills, but they did seize a usable amount of methamphetamine.

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