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Progress in School-Baseball League Negotiations; New MYBL Initiatives

Monrovia Youth Baseball League board vice president, Jack Taylor, says he believes the MYBL and the Monrovia School District are making "good progress" and will successfully complete fee negotiations for field usage by February, when the league's season opens.
Previously, he said, the league was able to use the fields for free, and he'd like that to continue that for community groups such as MYBL, but he also understands the district is in a tough financial position. But, then, so is the MYBL. He said he has met with numerous school and city and officials and feels everyone is trying to be helpful.
If there must be fees, he said, he hopes they can be offset by work that the league could do at the schools, such as reseeding the fields.
Taylor said the league also has several new initiatives:
- Instituting a curriculum and increasing the number of training classes for coaches at each of the league's five levels, both in technical aspects of the game and in management of players and - ahem! - parents. The goal is for the players to be able to move directly to high school baseball when they graduate from MYBL.
- Recruiting a lot more Monrovia district students - at least 10 percent - to increase league membership to about 500, up from the current 370. Taylor said scholarships are available for students who cannot afford the fee. 
- Developing tighter relationships with the Monrovia community. He said MYBL is making a more determined effort to distribute flyers at schools, participate in the street fair, in Chamber of Commerce events, and develop relationships with city and school officials and civic organizations and give priority to Monrovia businesses. At its opening day fair, for example, he said the league wants Monrovia businesses to have the first crack at displaying their services and goods.
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- Brad Haugaard

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