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Monrovia Rotary Club Supports Fountain to the Falls Run/Walk

(This post sponsored by Monrovia Rotary Club)
Saturday, May 9th 2015 will mark the 5th annual “Fountain to the Falls” run/walk from the fountain in Library Park to the water falls in Canyon Park.

The Monrovia Rotary Club intends to lend support for this fun, family event by hosting a health booth and by our Rotarians participating in the race. All fitness levels are welcome. Lynda Linforth, a personal trainer, owner of Trainer on the Run ( and a Monrovia Rotarian, is giving hands on support to the pre-race training.

The Monrovia Rotary Club has agreed to put an emphasis on health and fitness for 2015. A 'biggest loser' competition was started in January for willing participants and is currently ongoing.  “All participants will be able to finish at their own pace but preparation must be done to avoid injuries” said Linforth. The Monrovia Rotary Club is getting together, three times a week to train for the race. Lynda Linforth has presented a day-by-day training program and will be on hand for pre-event stretching and advice. Lynda leads us on a Saturday morning walk in preparation. We also have scheduled walks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

This event is organized by the City of Monrovia and will feature a health fair presented by the YMCA. For more information, please visit

The Monrovia Rotary Club meets weekly at the Monrovian Family Restaurant (upstairs) Tuesdays at noon.  If you are interested in joining us please contact us at

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