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Bills By Monrovia Assemblyman Approved by Committee

Assemblymember Chris Holden, who represents Monrovia, has had a couple bills approved in Assembly committees.

- AB 265 would require used car companies to give a 10-day grace period before repossessing the car by using a starter-interruption device. The bill also calls for a final warning 48 hours before using the gadget to shut down the vehicle remotely. It was approved by the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee.

- AB 288 (College and Career Access Pathways Act) encourages school districts and community colleges to enter into formal agreements so high school students who want to enroll in college courses or career tech classes can more easily do so. It has been unanimously approved in the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Guess one must read the bill to determine who will pay for the starter-interruption devise and installation. Can the buyer opt-out? Never mind. Sure wish Holden had something important to do on our dime.

  2. I'm always curious what commentators like Dan think is "something important" - more important to him or to the entire area...

  3. AB265 Why should a "used car" dealer take such a hit? Why should a credit risk of a customer get such a break. You tell me how such a plan could possibly be important 'the entire area".
    As for AB288 ... Whatever