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Monrovia Must Cut Water Usage by 28%; More Ballots to Count; New Company May Run Street Fair; Scaffolding Gone; Skateboarding Crack-Down

In his weekly report, Monrovia City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

- The State Water Resources Control Board has determined that Monrovia must cut its water consumption by 28% below 2013 levels. Glendora really got socked. It has to cut by 36%.

- "We have somewhere between 800 - 900 additional ballots that must be counted before the election results can be finalized." If you want to watch, the count will begin Thursday, April 23,  at 8 a.m. in the Police Department Community Room.

- No truth to the rumor that the Friday Night Family Street Fair was going to be terminated as of June 30. But there will likely be a change in the company that runs it. Chi said a city committee is unanimously recommending that LA PartyWorks run the show.

- The scaffolding has finally been removed from the sidewalk at 316 South Myrtle Avenue (across from the Library).

- Extra patrols to crack down on skateboarding in Old Town.

- Brad Haugaard

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