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Examples of Water Waste in Monrovia

At Monterey and Huntington.

A Monrovian writes to say that he has contacted the city several times during the past two years about water regularly running down streets but hasn't seen any change. He wrote me a letter, which I have edited, here:

- First is all the way down Huntington Drive, from the shopping center with Oto Oto, Tashio and the old Daphne's Greek restaurant. Probably thousands of gallons every day wasted. Do you ever see the puddles around the Shell Gas Station in the mornings all the way to Highway Esplanade?

- Second is Live Oak Cemetery. Water flowing down Walker Ave, Taylor, Duarte Rd, El Norte, and Myrtle, plus down our driveway and always into our machine shop.

- Third is I believe coming from around the shopping area with the Jack In The Box at Myrtle and Duarte every morning.  Water flowing past Spanner on Myrtle [three blocks away].

Still has not stopped. The cemetery been happening for over eight years, and Huntington Drive for as long as I can remember!

I send pictures, times and dates. The city says that someone will investigate, but it's still happening.

UPDATE: A relevant letter.

I am the owner of the Shell Station at Huntington and Monterey.  First off, thank you for your involvement with the city and keeping the public updated.  I follow your website daily as a business owner.  

Regarding the water waste, I just want to make sure its clear to your readers it is not coming from the Shell Station.   We have seen that water flow for many years and I believe the City did investigate.  Not sure what the conclusion was.

We take the water shortage seriously and hope the water wasting will stop.

Thank you,
Ramzi Rabadi

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Funny that monrovia cant get it together. I work in El Monte and last summer i spotted a business that had water seeping from under the ground. I went online and reported it to a online system el monte has, they wrote back and said they dont handle those issues. They said they water company does and they would forward the message to was fixed within a week..last summer, el monte and american water kicked butt..i also reported at the same time that they had their sprinklers on to high at 12 noon and people had to walk. In the street to avoid the all stopped.

  2. taco bell on Huntington by the old Albertsons were hosing down sidewalks and drive-through on Saturday mornings.

  3. I just reported Monterey and Huntington on 4/21/15 because I have seen water on sat around 5PM and mon around noon.

  4. Good on the Shell station manager for taking this seriously.

  5. What about all the runoff from Armstrong's when they water in the AM?

  6. Thanks Ramzi for the reply.
    Yes we are glad it is not the Shell station (BTW, that is where I get all of my gas!).
    I hope more people will report wasted water locations as it would help us to reach the 28% probably with just one location.
    There is a link on the top of the Monrovianow page that says "Potholes etc" that you can click on for a direct link to the cities website for reporting things.
    I see more water wasted from just one location like on Huntington Dr than I think any residential neighborhood combined!

  7. I watched the water at Armstrongs. It doesn't seem like much. Not like what is coming from the other shopping center west of the freeway off ramps!
    I will keep an eye on them though. But I can see a little water coming from them when they water their plants..
    If Anonymous can take a picture of the Taco Bell watering and send it in, it would probably help. Hopefully we can find all of the offending locations, although the ones I have seen are excessive. Will take care of those first.