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Flamzz Pizza Out of Business

Apparently Flamzz Pizza (southwest corner of Colorado and Ivy) is out of business. Too bad.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I'm super mad about that! I'm pretty sure at Christmas time the owner knew he would be closing in a few weeks. Yet they took everyones money for gift certificates and now there is nowhere to redeem them. The Flamzz pizza in Pasadena is also closed. My family alone gave or received 100 dollars worth of gift certificates. : (

  2. You should see the new Yelp review for the Flamzz's in Pasadena. Someone posted a photo where it says the owners did not pay rent and own over $5,700 in rent

  3. I live across the street on ivy and olive ave prior to them closing I seen the cops in the wharhouse behind flamezz taking down a very large marijuana grow operation. When I talked to owner of flamzz prior to that he told me that he leased building.

    1. My recollection is that the police being there was different from Flamzz. Right next door but I don't think Flamzz was at all involved in that.

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  5. That place was a nice little Mexican restaurant. I don't know why it changed, but as soon as I saw pizza I knew it would not last. We only have Rudy's at the old town and it's not one of my favorites.